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With all three options we supply highly trained Barmen/Glassware/Ice and Garnish and we will also organize your License for you. There is also a petrol charge as the Cocktail Car likes to Drink!

Option 1Cash Bar

With the cash bar we supply a fully stocked bar with tailor made drinks & price menu. 

We will require a deposit but if the bar takes over a pre agreed minimum spend, it will be fully returned at the end of the night!

Option 2Dry Hire 

We supply the barmen, ice, glassware, garnish,events license and of course The Cocktail Car and you supply the booze!

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Option 3Token Bar

This is similar to the cash bar except the whole night is on your tab! We design a menu and price list and you put a certain amount of money behind the bar for your guests. To ensure the drinks are shared evenly your tab will be broken down into tokens and given to guests on arrival. When your guests tokens run out they may buy drinks with cash.

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